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Talk the Talk  9/13
One of the things I read recently in Brother Christensen's book, Everyday Missionary,  is that we can easily bring gospel words into our conversations. I figure that translates into bringing faith-based topics into conversation. How often do I gloss over what for me is a major motivator for everything I do? The reality of my life is that I pray--a lot. I make prayer based decisions on a regular basis. But do I say that? Not usually. So many gospel centered events happen throughout my day.

So today I was at the chiropractor with my daughter, and he asked how my day was. I told him it was a great day because it was a missionary day, the day I get emails from my daughter who is serving a mission.

He responded that he would have an email waiting for him from his missionary daughter:) Too funny. I didn't share the gospel with him, but I opened the conversation and let him know I'm a Mormon, giving us the opportunity to talk about it. And we did. We had a little conversation about our missionary daughters.

So the point is, don't be afraid to use the lingo that clearly identifies your religion. If you're talking to someone who shares your religion it will lead to a great conversation. If you're talking with someone who is not of your faith it will lead to questions and opportunities to share your faith.

A win-win.

I don't want to push my religion on anyone, but at the same time I have this beautiful knowledge that brings purpose and joy to my life. How can I share the good news of the gospel in a loving way?

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