Missionary Work: Family History Style

Providing opportunities for our deceased ancestors to have access to the blessings of the gospel.

3 things:
1. My 15-year-old and my husband have been taking family history classes at church. One week I got to go and I learned how to attach sources to our ancestors. Yay. My family history is a big old tangled mess, so if I can attach sources, maybe we can ease out a few tangles.

2. My 18-year-old daughter is taking a family history class at BYU. So excited that she will be doing some work.

3. The Florida Tallahassee Mission is implementing a new program where they make contacts using family history. They will be going into libraries and offering to help people with family history. And if people start getting into their families the gospel will just make sense to them. My daughter will also be working through her music.

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