Missionary Work:Family Style

Missionary work the whole family can participate in.

One thing our family is doing is (a little strange, I admit) a family band. We've named ourselves Intuninophkee. We are putting together some gospel based songs, recording them, and putting them on our blogs, www.intuneandoffkey.blogspot.com and www.intuneandoffkey.wordpress.com. We have recorded 2 songs all ready:

1. May Angels Lead You On (a cover based on Hear You Me)
2. I Hope They Call Me on a Mission/When I'm Gone  cup song version
3. Be Thou My Vision (4 part SSAA arranged by my missionary daughter before she left)

My daughter and my husband have to put the videos together. Meanwhile, I'm working on another one. That's my part, finding and arranging the songs. Maybe I'll have to learn how to put the videos together and put them on the blog myself. Hmmm.

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